More Research This Weekend (Finding the RV 7)

November 29, 2019

So on Thanksgiving, we spent a lot of time discussing the pros and cons of the Grand Design Momentum models 397TH, 376TH, 376THS, 351M, and 381M . We took the pamphlet and compared layouts. We talked about the size of the living space. Bruce said he wished RV manufacturers would publish the square footage of the RV with all the slides out.

So, after all those conversations, what did we decide? We determined that the 351M, and 381M are out because you can’t get to any part of the fridge with the slides closed. Bruce felt that was a deal killer. So that still leaves the 397TH, 376TH, and 376THS in the running. I’m leaning away for the 376TH since you can’t get to the bathroom or bedroom with the dinette slide in.

Bruce and I are going to check out a 397TH and seriously consider it. On Saturday, we plan to head over to Windish RV Center in Lakewood and take a look at the 397TH. We’ll also take another look at the 376TH and consider them side by side. We’ll need to consider the differences between the 397TH and the 376THS layout as Windish doesn’t have a 376THS in stock.

Plus, we are considering if we want to buy new or used. We had a lot of conversations about used or new. Choices, choices.

Update: Bruce felt the snow was still too deep for us to look at RVs. So, we aren’t going today.

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