More RV Discussions (Finding the RV 6)

November 27, 2019

While I had thought we had settled on the Grand Design Momentum 376THS, it is a lot of money for a new one. The “Scot” in Bruce is kicking up at spending that much money on an unknown. This week, Bruce and I had some additional discussions about what we might do.

We talked about how space is limited in the RV and every bit needed to be used well. The garage for the 376TH/376THS is not used when the bike is out and due to the limited head room, it would be hard to use it as an area to work on things. The garage door can only be a garage door. So, what are our options?

After watch some YouTube channels and seeing the use RVers are getting out of their patios, and since we get a lot of use out of our back porch, having a patio seems like it would be really nice.

We also tried out watching TV in some of the other models, such as the Momentum 397TH. We can move the TV so it directly faces the chairs and watch the TV. We talked about how we currently watch TV. Currently, the TV is in the kitchen, so we watch TV in the kitchen. I don’t think having the living area in the kitchen is really that different than how we currently live.

So, where would we put the dogs? Their crate could go under the dinning room table, since we could eat at the bar, or even at the theater seating. If we have guests over, we can move the crate into the garage so we can all sit at the table. We could use the garage as a office when the bike is outside and we can use it as an area to fix things. The garage door could be used as a patio. The garage is 12 foot, 6 inches So now, we are thinking, maybe the Momentum 397TH is the RV we should get. We can find them used.

The Momentum 351M could work as well, it is shorter and lighter with a 11 foot. The fridge doesn’t line up, so you can’t open at least one door with the slide in. The Momentum 381M could also work, and it has a 15 foot garage. It has the same problem with the fridge not being accessible when the slides are in.

If we get a used one, and it doesn’t work, then we won’t feel so bad about trading it out and getting a different model. We still have lots to consider. I also like the idea of the second bathroom that we would get with the 397TH, 351M, and 381M.

The Momentum 397TH Layout, from the Grand Design Site
The Momentum 376THS Layout, from the Grand Design Site

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