RV Discussions (Finding the RV 11)

January 22, 2020

After the RV show, we’ve done a bit of research on Riverstone. There doesn’t appear to be as much information about Riverstone RV, as there is about Grand Design. I think this is because there are way more Grand Designs out and about.

I belong to an RV forum on Facebook, and I asked if anyone had any experience with a Riverstone. So far, I’ve had several post about the Grand Design, but none about the Riverstone. The RV forum is doing their best to be helpful, but no luck on someone with a Riverstone.

I’ve seen the complaints about both the Riverstone and Grand Design, and every other model we may have even considered. It feels like you either get a great RV or a lemon. I wonder if it is more of the personality types who buy the RVs, or if there is that much of a difference between one RV off the line and the next one off the line?

I also wonder about the experience of people who buy a used RV and then they find major problems with it. Did they hire an inspector? If they did, surely the inspector would have caught a rotten floor or the fridge not working, etc. The inspectors are trained to look for that, aren’t they? I’ve also read that you should have an inspector look at your new RV before taking ownership. It makes sense to me. You want an inspector to look at a new house as well. There were horror stories about new houses in Highlands Ranch in Colorado, and the one that sticks with me is the one about the sewer system not being connected up.

After the RV show, Bruce and I have had several discussions about the different models of RVs. We’ve even talked about getting a much cheaper used Grand Design Momentum RV and then, if it did work out, getting another model. The Scot in Bruce has pop out.

Bruce is going to create a spreadsheet with all the features for the two Grand Design Momentum models and the Riverstone 39FKTH we are considering.

3 thoughts on “RV Discussions (Finding the RV 11)

  1. Check out Big Truck Big RV on You Tube. He seems pretty knowledgeable and has a couple of videos talking about what to look for in a new RV. I just watched one of his videos where he answered the question of which RV is the best. He didn’t come out and support a specific company; he talked about similarities and differences and why RVs from the same company may have different quality levels.

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    1. I agree, Big Truck Big RV is very helpful. His videos helped us decide to go with the RAM 3500 dually with the max tow package. He just did a great video on the Riverstone 39FK, but I would like to talk to or watch a YouTube channel with someone living in a Riverstone. He certainly helped us consider safety upgrades on the RVs. We watch Changing Lanes and some others who have Grand Design RVs, so we hope we have an idea about living in a Grand Design.

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  2. We bought A Grand Design 5th wheel a couple of years ago and love it! Since it is rated for year-round camping, we’ve even camped during some articles fronts. We stayed toasty warm! We aren’t living in it, just enjoying vacations.

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