Colorado Springs RV Show

February 10, 2020

Bruce and I went to the Colorado Springs RV show on Saturday. We left a bit later than I had planned, but I wanted to make sure Luna ate before we left. She sometimes eats a good bit when we put her dog food down, and other times, she slowly backs away, giving me a look. If she could talk, I’m sure she would be saying, “what is this? I don’t want it.” After Luna ate, we finished getting everything we wanted to take.

Bruce suggested since we were going to be around so many people I should take some Airborne. I thought that was a good idea, and chewed the dosage before we headed out.

Things I took:

  • Contigo water bottle, full of water. (I’ve got one that clips to my belt loops on my jeans)
  • Small camera bag that had the following:
    • Camera
    • Extra card for the camera
    • Batteries for the camera
  • Kleenex
  • Not wanting to take my purse, I took the following in my pockets:
    • In one pocket
      • Drivers license
      • Insurance card
      • Lynx device card
      • A couple of credit cards
      • Cash
    • In the other pocket
      • Car key
      • Migraine medicine
      • Cell phone
  • Light weight jacket
  • Gloves

It was a little over 40 miles to the Colorado Springs Event Center, and the roads were wet, but not icy. We had about a foot of snow on Friday, with the bad road conditions that causes. We lucked out on Saturday, the weather had warmed up, so we didn’t have to worry about ice or snow on the roads.

We got to the show around 11:30 AM. The show was $8 a person, and it was less for Good Sams members.

Bruce and I decided to be targeted and focus only on toy haulers. So first, we walked around the show and looked at the handful of toy haulers at the show.

I had hoped that Cousins would have the big Grand Design Momentums at the show. Nope. They only had a G class Momentum. Windish didn’t have any Grand Designs at the show.

After looking at the toy haulers, we then looked at the 5th wheels, some truck campers, van conversions, Class C’s, and camping trailers.

There were about ten RVs outside, so we got stamped and went out and looked at the RVs outside. There were a couple of van conversions and two small class A’s, well as two class C’s. There were some trailers, but we didn’t go into those.

Around 1:30 PM, we realized we had seen everything that we wanted at the show, and that we were hungry. So we started heading home.

We stopped at the Heart of Jerusalem Cafe on Austin Bluffs in Colorado Springs for lunch. It wasn’t very far out of our way, and their food is very good. Bruce got a Turkish coffee. He loved it! He had considered the sage tea, as he had enjoyed that before. Their falafels were heart shaped, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with a nice bit of cumin flavor. They have the best falafels I have ever had. We also splurged and had baklava, as well.

Since we had past the Cabela’s Sporting Goods in Lone Tree heading to the Springs, I told Bruce that I wanted to stop and see what Cabela’s was like. We stopped at Cabela’s and I was impressed with the store. They had great signs pointing to customer parking, and their parking lot was more walk friendly than a lot of lots. They also had signs pointing to RV parking, but we didn’t check that out.

We walked around the store, and I was impressed with their camping equipment section. We bought a windshield scrapper for the truck, a nice flint, and something that allows sparks to catch easily to start a fire. Bruce has decided that he wants to be able to start campfires without matches. (He’s been watching Simon, a Bloke in the Woods and Kent Survival.)

We got home at 5:30 PM. The dogs were happy to see us and get their pills.

While we had a nice day, if we had known how small the RV show was, we wouldn’t have gone. We didn’t get any new ideas, and we didn’t get to see the Grand Design models that we are interested in.

3 thoughts on “Colorado Springs RV Show

  1. I’m sure you’ve had enough advice! I do want to share what we did after countless RV shows and feeling hurried through… I searched for the model we wanted, called the dealership. Basically told them we would not be buying that day but would it be ok to come walk through the models we were interested in. (I gave him the two types they had on their lot that we wanted to see, very important to be set on the model, just wanting to see a couple different floor plans.) This was great! No big fancy lights. No people pushing from behind or kids running… we literally were allowed to just go in and mull around. I highly recommend it! ~Kim

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    1. Both RV dealers that carry Grand Design have been great about letting us go and look at the models we are interested in. We’ve been by several time, and they’ve let us just walk around getting the feel of the RVs. Unfortunately, the dealers don’t have both the models we are looking for in the location, so the side by side comparison that my husband would like to do hasn’t happened. We were hoping that it might happen in the Springs. It may be worth while to take a trip in the new truck to Utah based on what the dealers have there. We’ve been talking about a road trip.

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