The House Is Now Sold!

October 15, 2021 Yesterday, we cleared out the last of the stuff from the house. One of my friends bought the TV and entertainment cabinet. It felt so strange to see the house completely empty. We signed the closing paperwork this morning, got a cashiers check, and the house is no longer ours. We headed […]

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The Kitchen Cabinets Are Empty

October 9, 2021 Yesterday, we got our closing time for next Friday. As of 11:00 am next Friday, we will be houseless. We will be truly full-time RVers. I was able to get the kitchen cabinets empty. My heart was sore as I emptied my kitchen cabinets. I loved my kitchen and while I knew […]

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Closing Moved to October 15th

October 6, 2021 Yesterday, our real estate agent contacted us to see if we were okay to move closing up to October 15th. We said yes. Now, we have one less week to get everything done. The rooms are emptying out. The living room is now empty.I have most of the kitchen cleared out. We […]

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More Packing Up the House

September 26, 2021 This weekend, Bruce and I have been going through our list of things to dispose, store, and take with us. Bruce sold our bedroom set and the guest bed is on Facebook Marketplace. We started packing up our art. I am going to really miss our art. I set up a table […]

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Update on House Selling

September 23, 2021 The inspection resolution has been resolved today. The selling process is moving forward! The lender isn’t requiring an appraisal, so there should not be any more dates to worry about until closing. I am going to take some vacation at the beginning of October to finish packing up the house. Right now, […]

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