RV Dream Thoughts…

March 28, 2020 My blog hasn’t been much at RV dreams and plans lately. I had planned on writing about our trip to the RV show on March 8th during the next week. Life changed drastically in such a short time, that it feels our RV retirement dream is on hold, at least for now.

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Downsizing (5) More Books Gone

We’ve managed to give away one bookcase worth of books. It’s surprising how much I care that they will be enjoyed. I have been delighted by the number of co-workers who taken the books and will enjoy them as the treasures that they are. I am considering following up on a comment made by TXRed […]

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Downsizing… (1)

December 4, 2019 So much won’t fit into the RV, so we’ve got to downsize. We have a nice size library of physical books that we will be letting go. Books are heavy and take up so much room. Bookcases are bulky and take up a lot of space as well.

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