The House Is Now Sold!

October 15, 2021

Yesterday, we cleared out the last of the stuff from the house. One of my friends bought the TV and entertainment cabinet. It felt so strange to see the house completely empty.

We signed the closing paperwork this morning, got a cashiers check, and the house is no longer ours.

We headed right over to the bank to deposit the check. I did not want the extra charge of a wire and the worry of wire fraud.

It still hasn’t sunken in yet. I loved the house, but the new owners seem very excited about the house. I hope it is as a good house for them as it was for us.

15 thoughts on “The House Is Now Sold!

  1. It is done!! This is a big deal, and I’m so happy for you. You will always have wonderful memories of your life in that place, and you probably have a bunch of photos of events that took place there. Now your RV dream is really coming true.

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    1. It just feels so strange. We’ve been working towards this all summer and now it is done. We have a lot of great memories of the house. I look forward to actually getting on the road in January.


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