And I Am Now Florida Woman!

March 2, 2022

It turns out Florida will let you use your passport, even if it has expired, to get your driver’s license. It can’t be expired more than five years.

Luckily, my passport had expired in 2020, so I could use it to prove who I am. So, I didn’t need to bring my birth certificate and my marriage license. Yay!

Bruce and I rode the motorcycle to the Tax Collector’s Office. When I took off my helmet, I realized we should’ve taken the truck. Yes, I had helmet hair. So, I got my Florida driver’s license today with my picture having helmet hair. Oh well.

We then rode to the library and I got my library card. Ahead of me, was the cutest little boy getting his first library card. He was so happy and excited. He was thrilled with the idea of a children’s room. It made me feel so good to see how happy he was.

The library card is linked to apps that will let me download ebooks, audiobooks, videos, and music. I will be getting those apps set up.

An aside: I am a strong believer that children should have books. When invited to baby showers, I generally give children’s books. They may not be useful right away, but I have had so many people tell me later how nice it was that I started their child’s library.

18 thoughts on “And I Am Now Florida Woman!

      1. I know!!!! Nox just thinks she can run loose now and find gangs of crazy dogs to play with! There are these three long furred Pomeranian dogs that she has started hanging out with, I can’t help but be a concerned doggy mom.

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  1. That is also my favorite baby shower gift. Although I give cardboard books so they can start reading to the kids as soon as they can sit up! I have also received good feedback.

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    1. I like to get some of the cardboard books as well. I also include a few books at first grade reading level. Some moms have even told their children when they came in to the office for Halloween or bring your kid to work day, that I was the lady who gave them their first books. 📚

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