Getting Movers in to Move the Big Furniture

October 7, 2021

Yesterday, Bruce tried taking apart the Danish hutch. It didn’t break down into as small as pieces as he expected. Since it didn’t break down into small pieces, we realized we needed help.

Bruce found a moving company that could come today and he found conditioned storage for the furniture. He is also putting his tool chest in storage as well.

The movers arrived just after 9:30. We have them for four hours. We showed them what we want moved and they wrapped the furniture and loaded it onto their truck.

Bruce followed them to the storage unit. I stayed behind to do more packing and putting stuff out at the end of the driveway. Here are some pictures of the empty rooms.

With the big stuff moved out, I feel that we are so close to being done with the house. It is a really good thing since closing is the 15th. We got a week to get everything wrapped up.

To reduce our stress to only one move, we are staying at Denver Meadows RV Park until the end of October. We are going to move back to Dakota Ridge RV Resort until the end of January.

I agreed to stay until the end of January at work. I am going to be sad to leave my friends, but I am really looking forward to traveling.

Update: Bruce is back and he is very pleased with the space.

7 thoughts on “Getting Movers in to Move the Big Furniture

  1. He is also putting his tool chest in storage as well. Ha! I used the same trick and it worked for almost 6 months! No honey-dos for me, all my tools are in lock up. Way to go, Bro, your fellow males salute you!

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  2. The empty clean house looks so nice. The day we closed on selling our house 2 years ago we were not ready and were still trying to shove last minute things in our car and my sister’s car while the new buyers were waiting on the street to get in. And then I opened the cupboard doors under the kitchen sink and realized I totally forgot about that. I grabbed a few things and left the rest. ARGGG. I hope your closing goes more smoothly. It sounds like you have things under control, and it helps that you are not living in the house right now.

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