The Kitchen Cabinets Are Empty

October 9, 2021

Yesterday, we got our closing time for next Friday. As of 11:00 am next Friday, we will be houseless. We will be truly full-time RVers.

I was able to get the kitchen cabinets empty. My heart was sore as I emptied my kitchen cabinets. I loved my kitchen and while I knew I was giving it up, actually cleaning out the cabinets made it real.

My RV kitchen is lovely, and while I love cooking in it, I know I am going to miss this kitchen. Bruce and I took the good bones and made the kitchen ours. (Mostly mine, but Bruce enjoys cooking.)

8 thoughts on “The Kitchen Cabinets Are Empty

    1. I have loved the kitchen in the house. Downsizing is hard, but I have the biggest Kirin commercial made standard RVs. There are custom RVs that have bigger kitchens. We couldn’t afford one of those!


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