Closing Moved to October 15th

October 6, 2021 Yesterday, our real estate agent contacted us to see if we were okay to move closing up to October 15th. We said yes. Now, we have one less week to get everything done. The rooms are emptying out. The living room is now empty.I have most of the kitchen cleared out. We […]

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More Packing Up the House

September 26, 2021 This weekend, Bruce and I have been going through our list of things to dispose, store, and take with us. Bruce sold our bedroom set and the guest bed is on Facebook Marketplace. We started packing up our art. I am going to really miss our art. I set up a table […]

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Update on House Selling

September 23, 2021 The inspection resolution has been resolved today. The selling process is moving forward! The lender isn’t requiring an appraisal, so there should not be any more dates to worry about until closing. I am going to take some vacation at the beginning of October to finish packing up the house. Right now, […]

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Under Contract on the House!

June 15, 2021 A lot can happen in one day! We are under contract on the house! Yesterday, we received a good offer and we accepted it! The retirement rv dream can move forward! We’ll be able to start our travels at the end of July. There is still a lot of work to do […]

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Retirement RV Dream Delayed

May 25, 2021 I had hoped to turn in my two weeks notice yesterday for my retirement. Since our house hasn’t sold, my retirement is delayed. I will work until the house sells. I am glad I told my boss that I will work until June 4th or until the house sells, which ever is […]

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All Clothes Moved to RV

May 13, 2021 We have been packing up the items in the house that we want to keep long term and moving them into storage. Bruce and I donated two large bags of clothes to Goodwill. I donated a lot of my shoes as well. I was still amazed at how many clothes I had […]

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Progress and Knocked Silly

May 5, 2021 On Monday, we had a structural engineer come and look at the house. There were some cracks in the sheetrock along the stairs that worried our realtor. I know we have shifting soil in this area, so her worries were catching. The structural engineer looked at everything and said there had been […]

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