Electrical Problems in the RV

January 20, 2023

On our way to Florida, we noticed the inverter wasn’t running. At a rest stop, Bruce pulled the battery tray out and checked the wiring. When he pushed the tray back into its compartment, the inverter started working.

Once we got to the RV park, our site was located under the live oak trees.

It is beautiful site and the shade is lovely. Being in the shade also caused us to realize that it was only the solar charging the batteries. The converter wasn’t charging the batteries.

There is a load on the batteries, so we could see the charge dropping.

Luckily, Bruce is extremely handy when it comes to electric wiring.

He spent hours crawling around in the basement ptracing the wiring to figure out were the problem was.

It was a relief to discover the converter was working correctly and the problem was downstream of the converter.

Bruce opened up a panel in the front storage to get to additional wiring.

He did a bit of testing with his voltmeter and then he asked me to help. I read off numbers as he checked different wires.

Bruce found the problem as I was helping him. There was a stud type circuit breaker that wasn’t working. After Bruce unscrewed it, he could hear it rattle. “It’s not supposed to rattle,” was his comment.

He ordered a new stud type circuit breaker from Amazon that afternoon. Once the breaker arrived, the put it in place.

Yay! The batteries started charging from the converter.

We’ve been watching our battery monitoring system and all continues to look good.

14 thoughts on “Electrical Problems in the RV

  1. Julia,

    You married one handy guy!!! I wish I were that good. I’ve got some problems here that he could tackle if he has the time. I talked to Audrey earlier. She’s scheduled to come here Feb. 6, so I guess you all will have some visiting time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you make a list of things you want Bruce to do, he will be happy to work on them while we are visiting. I am looking forward to seeing you and getting a chance to visit with Audrey. Will be seeing you soon.


    1. Thanks for following! It has been great fun for us to travel and we are mostly having a blast. Stuff comes up with the RV a sometimes, but stuff came up when we had a house as well.


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