Animals Around the Trails End Campground in Florida

January 16, 2023

We’ve noticed a lot of wildlife in the campground and the area next to the campground.

On the trails, we saw a flock of wild turkeys running past us. As they dashed past us, I was lucky to get the phone out and get pictures of the last two turkeys running past us. We saw them disappear into the palmetto palms.

One day, on the way back to the campground from grocery shopping, we saw sandhill cranes.

Sandhill Cranes in a Yard

We saw a three foot alligator by the boat dock at the campground.

While taking the canoe out, we saw this bird. We think it is a juvenile osprey.

Anoles abound. I was able to get this picture along the pier.

Not Hiding Very Well

There is a heron that often is at the boat dock. We’ve seen it several times as we walk around the campground.

We often see a red shouldered hawk flying above the trees in the campground. I have recorded its calls and Merlin ID determined what bird it was. I could tell it was a hawk, just not what type.

It has been very interesting to see all the different wild animals.

13 thoughts on “Animals Around the Trails End Campground in Florida

    1. They are amazing. When we were in Florida last year, a pair would come by our RV. Nox wanted to play with them, but we wouldn’t let her. They were very calm birds and at 3 feet tall, I am guessing they don’t have many predators.


    1. The sandhill cranes are such amazing birds. Last year, when we were in Florida, their were two sandhill cranes that came by our RV regularly. Nox was enthrall by them. She really wanted to get close to them.

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    1. I didn’t realize they were targets for trophy hunters. I only see pairs here and there as we drive/ride around. I don’t see how they could hurt the ag sector. I say this as a farmer’s daughter.

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      1. I’ve seen images on Instagram and read articles about hunting sandhill cranes. Unless they are doing some real damage to crops or causing a safety issue, it baffles me as to why anyone would want to kill it.

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      2. That is awful! I can understand hunting wild turkeys, they are good to eat. Killing anything you aren’t going to eat or have someone eat just seems wrong. That said, I have no problems killing mice, rats, and insects.

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