Bruce Kayaking for the First Time

January 24, 2023

Since the RV campground we are staying in has kayaks the campers can use, Bruce wanted to try kayaking.

The office asks that you let them know when you take the kayak out and when you bring it back in. They have a selection of life jackets for use.

The kayak the office recommended for beginners was out when we arrived at the office. As we walked around, the gentleman who was using the kayak paddled up onto the boat ramp.

Bruce let him know that he was going to use the kayak, so the gentleman didn’t have to put the kayak away.

Bruce put on a life jacket, got the paddles, and cleaned out his pockets of anything he was worried about getting damaged. I agreed to sit on one of the benches along the dock and watch him use the kayak.

Bruce seemed to pick up using the kayak very quickly. I am guessing his quick progress was due to his canoeing experience.

I got some pictures of Bruce heading downstream.

He did a lot of slow padding. He also paddled under some of the cypress. He then did some fast (hard) paddling. I was impressed with how fast he was able to move when he was paddling hard.

After he finished trying out the kayak, he paddled it to the pier. The lady in the office recommended that he climb out using the pier.

Here are the pictures of Bruce paddling the kayak back to the pier.

Once he climbed out of the kayak, he started telling me how much he liked it. It didn’t bother his shoulders and he loved how the kayak moved through the water. He was a bit disappointed that he didn’t see the large alligator the previous kayaker had seen.

I helped Bruce carry the kayak out of the water and get it propped up.

The White Kayak Propped Up

Once the kayak was propped up, Bruce stuck his head in the office to let them know he was back.

Bruce had a great time, even if he didn’t see the alligator.

15 thoughts on “Bruce Kayaking for the First Time

  1. He picked it up quickly because it is easy – I had my mom out in a kayak when she was over 90!! She loved it; didn’t have a lot of stamina, but there was no current, and we were not in a hurry. I hope he’s able to get out every decent day while you are there; it’s great exercise, and gets the parts of your body that your walking does not.

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    1. Howard,

      Bruce had a great time. I don’t think he is going to get a chance to go back out due to all the medical procedures and doctors’/vet tec’s appointments this week.


  2. I agreed to sit on one of the benches along the dock and watch him use the kayak.
    Cue sound of a large chicken. Bock, bock, bock…..Then I read the part about the large alligator and changed my comment to smart, smart, smart…

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    1. Haha! Several people have seen a very large gator lazily swimming lazily past or downstream. I would rather not see the large gator while out on the water.


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