Cooper Creek Park in Columbus, Georgia 

November 20, 2022

Yesterday (November 19), the weather was nice, so we took advantage by exploring Cooper Creek Park.

It is at the Cooper Creek Reservoir. We came into the park by the tennis courts. One of the colleges in the area uses the facilities for their tennis teams. The tennis courts are beautiful. There is also a horseshoe area set up.

We parked and walked to the reservoir. There were so many water birds. We saw Canadian geese, ducks, herons, and egrets. We saw turtles and cormorants hanging out together.

There are lots of picnic tables and picnic areas on both sides of the reservoir.

We walked to a wooden pier. The wooden pier looked much bigger from the side.

We drove around the reservoir and stopped at the dam. We walked along the dam.

As we walked along towards the dam, we saw hawk. When we came back, we saw the hawk returning to the tree branch from the ground. We believe the hawk caught a mouse in its claws, as we saw it bend over to its feet.

I was able to get pictures of the front and back of the hawk.

After crossing the dam, we drove to a parking spot along the Cooper Creek Fitness Trail and parked. There are several places in the park that big vehicles can easily park. Bruce had no problems parking Cliff the Big Red Truck.

We walked out onto a peninsula with a line of crepe myrtles in the middle of a walking trail boulevard.

Most of the walking is on the opposite side of the tennis courts.

There is a large playground to the left of the tennis courts, as you come in from Warm Springs Road Connector (What a name for a road!). I did not take pictures of the playground, as there were a large number of children playing.

We had a fun outing and enjoyed seeing the different water birds and the hawk.

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