From Pine Mountain RV Resort to Pine Lake RV Campground in Columbus, Georgia

November 1, 2022

On Sunday (October 30), we went through our check list so we could pull out of Pine Mountain RV Resort. Our neighbor was kind enough to move his truck so we could safely pull out. We made it out by 10:30 am.

We drove the short distance to Pine Lake RV Campground along the backroads. It was about a 50 minute drive. From the small roads, we turned onto US 80, which is a four lane road here.

Our GPS took us past our turn, but luckily we saw the campground sign as we went past. Bruce was able to make a u-turn before we got too far past.

We both were looking for the campground sign and we saw it about the same time. We made it into the campground safely.

I was expecting an envelope with our name on it, as I had spoken to the park office on Saturday morning. They didn’t have an envelope for us, but they did have a couple of envelopes for check ins.

We took the map out and walked around the park to find the best spot for us. The office had told me the pull-through sites were already reserved and that we would get to choose our back-in spot. After walking around, we decided on site 51. It is just long enough for the RV, with space to park the truck.

Bruce backed into the site and confirmed the RV fit. He pulled forward enough to get his motorcycle out of the garage, then backed up again for set up.

An anole lizard was hiding in the pedestal. It came out when the cover was lifted.

Bruce moved the water hose after I pointed out it could go around the sewer hookup. He said, “I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I guess I am just tired.”

The campground has hiking trails, so we took Nox for a walk after the RV a was set up.

Nox was delighted to get out and check out her new territory. She found lots to see and smell.

On Monday (October 31), we did the formal check in. Since we are staying for a little over two months, the campground wanted proof of insurance, a copy of driver’s licenses, and proof of Nox’s vaccination.

The lady at the office is really nice and was very apologetic about not having an envelope for us. When I spoke to her on Saturday, I confirmed we would be there on Sunday. I think she heard it as the second.

Our spot is not normally a monthly site, but they are kind enough to let us stay in it as a monthly site.

The campground is near grocery stores and restaurants. It does have railroad tracks running along one side of the park. The site we picked is quiet. We don’t hear the highway and the train is not as noisy.

I am looking forward to our stay here.

9 thoughts on “From Pine Mountain RV Resort to Pine Lake RV Campground in Columbus, Georgia

    1. Nox often will stop and look back to make sure I am coming. I let Bruce and Nox get up ahead, take a picture, and then catch up. With my problem ankle, I have taken to callings out to Bruce so he will stop and let me catch up.

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    1. The train horn really scared Nox. She was sound asleep when the horn went off. She woke up and leaped off the couch. Then she looked around and decided she was okay.


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