Lippert Getaway 2022 Actives

October 31, 2022

The Lippert Getaway was a lot of fun!

They had sessions on how to maintain the Lippert parts of your RV. They had panels on RV living.

The golf cart taxies were fun and a time saver to get to events.

Breakfast and dinner were provided. We ate in a large tent.

For after dinner entertainment, they had live music two nights and a comedy show another night. The last night they had a Halloween dance party with costumes.

I really enjoyed the volunteer event I participated in.

Lippert had an Innovation Tent set up. We tried out the Lippert chairs and had a great conversation with a Lippert employee about Thousand Trails. He gave us a different view of a Thousand Trails. It may be worth our while to look into a Thousand Trails again.

Lippert had a tent selling products. I bought a T-shirt for $5 and they gave me a collapsible dog bowl for Nox.

There were other vendors. One vendor was selling a cleaning system for RVs. He did a demo on dirty RVs twice a day. I went to one demo and then I took Bruce with me to another demo.

The Lippert service tent team was very helpful. The Lippert team is sending us replacement hinges for our friction door. The Lippert Techs who helped repair or replace RV parts drove around the park in white trucks with Lippert labels on them.

We enjoyed seeing all the Halloween decorations various RVs put up for the Halloween decorations contest.

On Saturday (October 29) morning, we toured the Flipping Nomad RV and the Lippert Scout RV that she decorated. I did not take any pictures inside, but it is a beautiful RV.

We did lots of walks at sunset with Nox.

Bruce and I got to meet so many wonderful people!

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