Pine Mountain RV Resort in Georgia

October 30, 2022

This RV Resort had two sections, an older section with lots of trees (mostly pines), narrow roads, gravel sites, and full hookups. The sewer hookup was uphill on some of these sites. Many of the sites on this side are close together. Most of the sites have a picnic table and a fire ring. Our site was one of the few that didn’t have a picnic table. There was a variety of size sites in this area. There is a small bark park in this section.

There is a new section that was built fairly recently. It is wide open. It was designed with big rigs in mind. The swimming pool, splash pad, and hot tub are in this section. There is a nice playground as well. The bark park in the new section is larger and in full sun.

The Resort also is ready for glamping. They have yurts and safari tents, as well as some tiny houses.

There was a tent pavilion that was very attractive.

I even checked out the bathhouse. It was squeaky clean and very attractive. Since I was the only one in the bathhouse, I took a couple of pictures.

They also have an Actives Building. The Lippert Getway used the building for seminars and for a volunteer event.

Nox enjoyed this park. She did not find any burrs, she got to meet other dogs, she enjoyed the bark park, and she met people who said she was cute. Nox was always ready to go for a walk.

By the office, they kept a bee hive. It was well away from the campsites.

It was a nice park. You can only find the rates by selecting the dates you want to stay.

10 thoughts on “Pine Mountain RV Resort in Georgia

    1. The fence up top of the large RV folds down. That RV was built from a double decker bus. It must make it under most bridges since they do a bit of travel. The family has a YouTube channel called Double Decker Family. They took a used double decker bus and turned it into an RV. They have a virtual tour online and it is impressive inside. Nox had a lot of fun. She kept wanting to go outside. She loves the cooler temperatures.


    1. It is two stories! It was made from a double decker bus. If you are curious, you can find out more on the Double Decker Family on YouTube. They bought a used double decker bus and had it converted to a RV. They can stand up on the second floor. They use the roof as a deck and the rack folds down for travel.

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