Lippert Getaway 2022 Halloween Decorations

October 30, 2022

One of the contest at the Lippert Getaway at the Pine Mountain RV Retreat was for best Halloween Decorations for your RV.

The skeleton campers were my favorite.

My next favorite was a big Class A (motor coach) turned into a pirate ship. There decorations broke during a windstorm, but they put them back together.

It was a lot of fun to walk around the campground to see the Halloween decorations.

3 thoughts on “Lippert Getaway 2022 Halloween Decorations

  1. Very few decorations here; my simple pumpkin face on the windshield, my friend has flashing purple mini lights, the campground hosts have a few things out, and one camper has simple fabric ghosts in the trees. But what a lot of skeletons you have – I like the ones who look like they are setting up the site.

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    1. I like that display best. I loved the skeletons on the utilities side setting up the site and the skeletons on the camping side riding bicycles, sitting in lawn chairs, and sitting at the picnic table.

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