Olde Rope Mill Park in Woodstock, GA

October 22, 2022

After our hike in Lewis Park, Bruce drove us to the Olde Rope Mill Park.

It is a historical area with the remains of a dam, sluice, and rope mill.

There are trails used heavily by mountain bikes and trails that only allow mountain bikes.

We walked around the entrance first, before heading over the bridge.

We followed the trail to the Raceway Trail and discovered it was a mountain bike trail.

Nox had to be put in the Nox backpack and carried. She got tired while we were hiking back to the starting point of the trail.

We came back down and followed another trail to the remains of the mill. Due to the trail being nothing but roots in one section, I decided not to try to make it past because I didn’t want to twist my ankle again.

We turned back and walked across the bridge again. We noticed a kayak launch.

We walked along the Trestle Rock Trail to the remains of the dam.

After viewing the remains of the blown up dam, we headed home to our RV.

I was disappointed to see the graffiti on the remains of the rope factory. The graffiti evoked a different feeling than the fairy decorations on trees and stumps at the last park. They are both decorating what is there, one just feels rude and one feels playful to me.

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