Victoria Day Use Area on Lake Allatoona in Georgia

October 24, 2022

Since the day use area is just down the road from the Victoria Campground, we decided to walk over to it and check it out while we were staying at the Victoria Campground.

We took the road to the left first. It ends in boat ramps and parking for boat trailers. It also has a covered dock for putting in and taking out.

On the left of this area was the campground fence.

Yes, there are RVs and tents hiding in the woods!

We walked back to the road split and headed to the right. This area has toilets, picnic tables, and a beach. In the summer, it has a swimming area. They have drained a good bit of Lake Allatoona for flood control, so it is low right now.

While I was tempted to walk out to the former island, the mud looked nasty and I didn’t want to twist my ankle.

There is a marina off to the right side of the day use area. There is restaurant at the marina that is only open in the summer.

We noticed dabbling ducks by the marina.

We then walked back to the Victoria Campground. The Victoria Campground has a beach and a playground. For someone camping at Victoria Campground, the day use area would work for putting in boats. The campground doesn’t have anyplace to put a boat into the water.

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