Problem with a Kitchen Slide

September 3, 2022

When we arrived at Cave Country RV Park, we had a problem with the kitchen slide that holds the sink. This slide is against the island stove. With this slide in, we can’t use the stove, oven and sink.

The slide would start to extend, then the side towards the front of the RV would keep extending, but the side toward the living room would not extend. This is a fairly common problem according to the groups we belong to. We had read how to handle the issue. People recommend trying to extend the slide and bring it in several times until it extends correctly.

It worked! We were nervous about it not working, so we were thrilled that it did work!

Front Slide Extended!

We didn’t have any problems with it closing or extending at our next stop.

5 thoughts on “Problem with a Kitchen Slide

    1. We were delighted it worked out as well. We would’ve been stuck without the sink and stove until we made it to River Ridge in Lake Guntersville, AL. We are staying there for a month after this weekend.

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