Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky

September 3, 2022

While we were in Cave City for the day, Bruce asked me if there was anything I wanted to do. My answer was, “Yes, I want to go to Dinosaur World.”

Bruce thought that would be fun as well. Since Dinosaur World was only a mile away, I felt I could try to ride the motorcycle. Being careful not to twist my ankle, I was able to get on and off without reinjury.

Ah, I felt like a kid again as we entered Dinosaur World! The entrance was impressive!

We paid at the gift shop and received a map. On to the dinosaur trail! The trail was well paved with no cracks or patches. It did have a bit of a slope, but since we were walking slowly, it didn’t bother my ankle.

Here are just a few pictures from the Dinosaur trail.

They also had a museum with small fossils. I enjoyed how they set the fossils in cases with tiny models of the animals the fossils came from.

Outside, they had a large covered sand pit for children, called the Boneyard.

They also had some cast of dinosaurs bones on display before the dinosaur trail.

We did enjoy walking out to the Photosaurus. This was a made up dinosaur for photo ops. It is by I-65, so people driving on the Interstate can see it.

Most of the dinosaur path is in the shade. It was a beautiful walk in the woods, with interesting dinosaur models.

For those of you with dogs, Dinosaur World does welcome well behaved dogs on a leash. We did not see anyone with dogs while we were there.

My ankle held up for the walk since there was no twisting. It did ache a little after we got back, but ice restored it.

I very much enjoyed our visit to Dinosaur World and so did Bruce.

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