On to Franklin, Kentucky at Dad’s Bluegrass Music RV Park

September 7, 2022

Since we had to leave Cave Country RV Park for the Labor Day weekend, Bruce found an RV a park that had an opening in Franklin, Kentucky. It was a short drive (48 miles) to Dad’s Bluegrass Music RV Park, along I-65.

Once we arrived at the park, Bruce talked to the office staff and got our space. They moved us since Bruce mentioned he didn’t want to back up if he could avoid it.

This was a nice stop for three nights. We did not get to use the swimming pool due to the rain.

We had so much rain. While there were some puddles, they drained quickly. We did get to walk around the park before the rains came.

Nox gave was happy with the park. No burs, grass, interesting smells, and other dogs to sniff. They do not have a dog park.

11 thoughts on “On to Franklin, Kentucky at Dad’s Bluegrass Music RV Park

  1. I’m certainly enjoying your travel blog! These Kentucky pictures make me a bit homesick for the scenery (I’m from Cincinnati). Best to you and Bruce and Nox! Katy Wegner

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      1. We are well. Both retired and puttering around Golden. Brother moved here last year from Atlanta and it’s really nice to have him here. I admire the adventurousness of you changing up your lifestyle so drastically! It looks like you are really enjoying yourselves and seeing lots of beautiful country.

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      2. I am happy to hear you and Keith are enjoying retirement. It is nice to have family nearby. Next time we are in Colorado, I’ll get in touch and maybe we’ll be able to get together. It is really different to be traveling fulltime, but so far it has been mostly good.


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