Stopping North of Indianapolis, IN on the Way to FROG

August 14, 2022

On Friday (August 12), we got up and Bruce packed up the rig. I did help with the hitching, as Bruce needs a spotter.

We head along I-70 (a very familiar road) to Indianapolis. We did not see a welcome sign into Indiana. There was a welcome center and we pulled in there. There was the welcome sign! It was attached to the wall of the welcome center! In the truck next to us, there was a truck driving dog! Just a short ways past the welcome center was the welcome sign.

We took the ring road around Indianapolis to US 31.

Along the Ring Road

We found a small RV park to stay at for two nights, Beaver Point Campground. It was a ways off the highway, about 5-8 miles from Greentown, ID.

Nox was very helpful in setting up the RV.

We stayed Friday and Saturday night, then we packed up this morning and headed to FROG.

Here are some pictures of the Beaver Point Campground.

The Beaver Point Campground is really for smaller RVs. They did have a few large sites, so we were happy they had one for us.

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