On to West Memphis, Arkansas at the Tom Sawyer’s RV Park

July 27, 2022

We have signed up for one of the Forest River Owners Rally. The Forest River Owners Group aka FROG Rally is at the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, IN, USA starting August 14 and goes to August 20.

We are taking a slower trip to get there. We packed up and headed out this morning around 10:00 am.

We traveled mostly state and US highways. This is a beautiful farming area. I was surprised to see rice fields. I saw the expected corn, soybeans, cotton, and back-eyes peas.

We did take I-40 East to West Memphis. We stopped at a pretty rest area to allow Nox to get out and stretch. She enjoyed the smells and getting a chance to relieve herself.

We didn’t have any problems and we safely reached the RV park. We are currently staying at Tom Sawyer’s RV Park. It is right on the mighty Mississippi River.

We have some really nice views from the RV. We see the Mississippi River on the camping side and the fish ponds on the utilities side.

Fish Pond View

Here we are parked in our site.

This is a beautiful park. They have tree platforms that I plan to explore later. There is a smell that reminds me of a paper mill, which is not very pleasant. It may depend on which way the wind is blowing, so we will see if it gets better.

7 thoughts on “On to West Memphis, Arkansas at the Tom Sawyer’s RV Park

  1. I always enjoyed driving across the Arkansas Delta when I went that way to and from Texas. It is a beautiful state. I had no idea they had an RV park right on the river though. The one thing I like best about here is the river–never get tired of looking at it or taking pictures of it. I also buy Riceland rice from Arkansas!

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    1. I am enjoying the Arkansas Delta. We generally would take I-70 or I-10, so this is the really the first time we’ve explored the Arkansas Delta. The view of the river is amazing here. They have different types of benches set up along the shore just to take in the view. I am hoping I can climb up into one of the tree platforms, but my ankle is still bothering me and I don’t want to hurt it again.

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