On to Sikeston, Missouri Along I-55

August 1, 2022

Bruce did most of the packing up this morning so I could stay off my ankle. I have decided once we find a place to stay for a while that I need to go and see a doctor.

The Mississippi River had risen from all the rain yesterday.

We left Tom Sawyer’s RV Park at 10:46 am. We stopped to get fuel and then took the ramp onto I-55.

I-55 passed fields of black-eyes peas, soybeans, corn, rice, and cotton. The cotton was blooming. Cotton fields always make me think of my father and the stories he’d tell about growing up picking cotton.

Blooming Cotton in Cotton Field

Missouri didn’t have a welcome center on the boarder.

We did stop at the welcome center. It was a nice center. There were concrete stumps with a ceramic plate in the center that showed different things about Missouri.

We rolled into the Hinton RV Park at Sikeston, Missouri just after 2:00 pm. We were led to our spot by a camp host in a golf cart.

I stayed in the truck while Bruce set up the RV. As soon as Bruce connected power, using the walkie-talkie, he let me know the power was live. Using the app on my phone, I turned on the air conditioners while Bruce finished setting up the RV.

We are here until Friday. We’ll be moving east along I-57, before meeting up with I-70.

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