Arkansas Welcome Center in Lake Village, AR

July 5, 2022

Across Hwy 65 from the RV park, is an Arkansas Welcome Center. We were told by several people that we should check out the welcome center.

We walked to the north end of the RV park, waited for traffic to clear, then crossed the highway.

The welcome center was small, but beautiful.

There were small exhibits inside. They had so many pamphlets and booklets about things to do in Arkansas.

We walked out back, to a stunning three level pier on Lake Chicot.

The views of the lake were stunning.

There were barn swallows nesting underneath the pier. They would swoop in, stop at the nest, then swoop out.

One stopped and posed for me.

Bruce and I agreed, this welcome center had the best outdoor scenery of all the welcome centers that we had stopped at. We loved the pier and picnic area. We’ll be walking back over to the welcome center to enjoy the pier.

2 thoughts on “Arkansas Welcome Center in Lake Village, AR

    1. We are in the Delta area of Arkansas along the Great River Road, that goes from the Gulf to Canada. I was thinking it might be fun to slowly head up the Great River Road sometime. There is lots to do in Arkansas. My dad loved how beautiful Arkansas is. Arkansas is one of the states we are considering for buying a house when we are tired of RVing.

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