Southern Sweet Potato Waffles

This recipe is a modification of the waffle recipe from Bruce bought a chicken dinner that came with two sides. He got the sweet potatoes side since he knows I love sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes were candied yams and way to sweet for me. Since I hate to waste food, I used them […]

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How Nox Ranks Campgrounds

July 25, 2022 Nox enjoys traveling with us and she is excited when we get to a new campground. The following items are important to Nox: No burs – Nox hates stepping on burs. Interesting smells – Nox loves to have lots of interesting things to sniff. Fenced play area aka dog park – Nox […]

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Broken Convection Microwave Oven

July 22, 2022 A couple of weeks ago, I was going to cook boudin sausage using the convection oven part of the convection microwave oven. I turned on the convection oven to preheat and I noticed an electrical burning smell. I told Bruce that the convection oven had a bad smell. He didn’t seem to […]

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Ouch! I Really Did That?

July 12, 2022 I hurt my ankle again. On Saturday, we were walking Nox for her nightly sniff and pee walk. My ankle wasn’t bothering me anymore. I didn’t even think, I untied my shoes and tried to toe off my left shoe. Oh the pain!!!! I somehow caused it to twist when I was […]

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