Party Animal

June 5, 2022

I realized I didn’t post a lot while we were in Golden, Colorado.

I had plans with friends and family most days while we were in Golden. It was wonderful to catch up with friends and my daughter. I meet people for lunch and dinner. Some of my friends even cooked dinner for us. I was disappointed I wasn’t able to get together with my wonderful blog friend Jeanne, from, but since she was recovering from COVID, we couldn’t get together. Another one of my friends also was recovering from COVID and she had to cancel dinner plans. I hope to see them next time we are in town.

Saturday, before I rolled my ankle, we walked to the Grateful Bread and bought Croissants. Mmm, so yummy! I also bought a baguette and a loaf of rye. Oh so good!

We did some sorting in the RV and storage units. We donated some items and put some items from the RV into storage. We also got some items from the storage units and put into the RV. Bruce found my waffle maker and felt I should have it. He loves sourdough waffles. I now have the waffle maker in the basement.

Bruce bolted down the wheel dock for the motorcycle and that has been a great improvement. See for the full story. The motorcycle has stayed completely upright the entire trip from Golden, CO to Alamogordo, NM. No slipping at all!

We had a very busy two weeks and it would have been nice to stay a bit longer in Golden.

8 thoughts on “Party Animal

  1. I’m catching up on messages from the past week – so I don’t know if you’ve posted use of the waffle iron yet! If you have to dig it out of the “basement” how often will Bruce get his sourdough waffles? Are you keeping sourdough going on the road? Sourdough pancakes or waffles are a Sunday staple for my sister; her husband is keeper of the starter and makes great waffles, pancakes, and amazing French bread.

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    1. I am keeping sourdough going on the road. When we stay at a place long enough, I make bread with it. I have not used the waffle iron yet. My plan is to send Bruce out to retrieve it when he wants waffles!

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