Visiting Lakeport Plantation House in Arkansas

July 12, 2022

With the weather being so hot, we decided to do something indoors. I had wanted to see the Lakeport Plantation House. It is the only river plantation house left in Arkansas.

We drove past corn and cotton fields to get there.

There were very large magnolia trees and pecan trees in the yard.

There was an office with a small amount of parking. You buy tickets to tour the plantation house in the office. We bought tickets for the self guided tour for $4 each. We could have bought tickets for a guided tour. Guided tours start on the hour.

We looked around the office area first. They had some information about the buildings and a shop.

Once we finished looking around at the office, the lady at the desk took us over to the plantation house and unlocked it for us. She stayed by the front door while we wondered around the house.

The entrance was large and had several rooms off of it. There was the remains of a floor cloth and a very fancy ceiling medallion.

The house had two parlors and a music room. the music room was at the end of the entrance hall.

After the music room, we looked in the guest parlor.

The dining room was next on our tour. From the dining room, there was a beautiful pantry with a door leading to opening outside to a covered porch from the kitchen and commissary.

We walked along the porch to the commissary.

After looking around the commissary, we looked into the kitchen. Since many of my blog friends cook, I thought you’d be interested in the kitchen. I am posting a lot of pictures of the kitchen for that reason.

We walked around outside to see the smaller buildings around. We also took a look at the preserved log building mentioned at the office.

We went back inside and looked through the rest of the downstairs.

Then we went upstairs to see the bedrooms and ladies workroom.

In one of the bedrooms, they had a lot of information about the restoration. There was a lot of information and exhibits, but these are the pictures that turned out best.

We walked out onto the balcony and enjoyed the views.

We then walked downstairs and spoke to the tour guide while she locked up. We were very impressed by the information and exhibits. While this was not a fully furnished home, it was a very interesting tour.

13 thoughts on “Visiting Lakeport Plantation House in Arkansas

    1. It was an interesting visit. I am so glad I have a modern kitchen, even if it is tiny! I’ve damaged my ankle again so our trips to see attractions have been curtailed.

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  1. Really interesting! I don’t think I have ever seen a cookstove fitted inside a fireplace like that. Clever. I wonder if they had slaves at this plantation. In the past the tours just ignored that part of history, but it is good that places like Monticello are now including that part of the story in the tours.

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