On to Fort Worth Area

June 14, 2022

See https://retirementrvdream.com/2022/06/14/from-alamogordo-nm-to-sand-springs-tx/ for the starting details of the trip.

We were able to leave the Elite RV Park in Sand Springs, TX just after 7:00 am. The RV safe gps took routed us to another exit, so we didn’t have to back track. We went under another low bridge, 13’9” and were able to get onto I-20.

The scenery changed from oil wells to windmills.

We stopped at a rest area that had beautiful flowers. It was quite a change from the previous rest stop.

We entered Texas Hill county and then the Fort Worth area.

We stayed north of Fort Worth at the Ranch 380 RV Park. This park is located in Ponder, TX. Traffic was really bad due to road construction as we headed along the ring road to the RV park. We arrived around 3:30 pm. We didn’t unhitched, but we did put out all the slides.

We contacted our friends and set up times to see them.

We rode the motorcycle to one friend’s house. I felt like I had roasted in my gear. She quickly handed us water and it was such a relief. She bought Texas BBQ and sides for dinner. Oh, it was soooo gooood! We had a wonderful time talking to her and her husband. We also got to meet their son, who was in town for a short visit. She has a lovely backyard and we sat outside in the evening, enjoying the garden. It was lovely visit!

On Saturday, a friend from Bruce’s high school days came out to visit us at the RV. He wanted to see the RV. It was catch up time for them while I kept my ankle iced and raised.

Nox didn’t like the park. Everywhere she stepped in the grass, she picked up burs. She even got burs when walking on the road.

8 thoughts on “On to Fort Worth Area

    1. Yes, removing them is hard and I am trying not to hurt Nox by pulling on her fur. The worst is when they get between her little paws and I have to get the tweezers to get them out.

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