Finding a Place to Stay for Two Weeks

June 15, 2022

In looking for our next place to stay after the Fort Worth area, we checked out COE (Corp of Engineers) campgrounds. They are nice campgrounds along bodies of water. They usually have large sites that are fairly inexpensive. You can only stay two weeks in a COE campground, which is enough for us.

As we looked at the various COE campgrounds, they had spaces during the week, but the weekends were booked. We wanted to get to a spot we could stay at least two weeks. I remembered Poverty Point State Park in Louisiana from when we traveled to Florida from Colorado back in February. (

We went online and found a few open spaces. We picked a site for two weeks. While we would have liked a pull-through site, they didn’t have any available. We selected a back-in site near the walking path so we could easily walk Nox.

The website required selecting the site two days ahead. So instead of leaving Ranch 380 RV Park on Sunday, we left on Monday. We paid for the extra night on the way out since the office wasn’t open on Sunday.

Set Up at Poverty Point State Park, LA

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