From Alamogordo, NM to Sand Springs, TX

June 14, 2022

Bruce and I decided to head to Fort Worth, TX and see some friends there. I took most of the pictures from the truck window, so please excuse the reflections that show in the pictures.

We left Boot Hill RV Park just after 10:00 am. we head south on highway 54 to El Paso, TX and picked up I-10.

From El Pasco, TX we headed east along I-10. We stopped in this desert rest stop by Fabens, TX.

In the picture of Bruce carrying Nox, you can just see Nox’s head above Bruce’s shoulder. One of us always carries Nox to and from Cliff the Big Red Truck when we stop at rest areas or to fuel up. We don’t know what has been spilled onto parking lots and we don’t want Nox to get something nasty on her feet.

We believe we saw Mexico from I-10. The mountains we saw could’ve been Texas mountains. You can see the green farms along the Rio Grande River.

As we drove along I-10, there were small mountains. These were near Van Horn, TX.

From I-10, we split off onto I-20 and continued to head east. we rolled through Pecos, TX. We saw lots of oil wells as we headed east along I-20.

We saw a large refinery as we drove through Big Spring, TX.

It was getting dark, so we stopped for the night at Elite RV Park just past Big Spring,TX. The address is Sand Springs, TX.

In this part of Texas, there are service roads on both sides of the freeway. These roads are two way roads, with yield signs for people getting on and off the freeway. When we exited the freeway onto the service road, we found the exit was very slanted. Bruce believes it was at least a 30 degree angle. It felt very scary as we were on the exit. We then went under the freeway at a low bridge, but the RV gps didn’t let us down. While the bridge was 13’ 7”, we could fit under it. Our rig is 13’4” tall.

We passed a much closer exit as we drove on the service road, but the bridge height was 13’4”. We couldn’t have fit underneath that bridge!

We made it to the RV Park. We quickly got set up without unhitching. We only put out two slides. I saw grass and went to take Nox for a walk. There were so many very sharp, hard burs that Nox got one in her foot as soon as she took a few steps. I picked her up and pulled out the bur. Once I knew what to look for, I could see them everywhere in the grass.

We wound up taking Nox for her walk along gravel. She was happy not to get back in the grass with the burs.

We put Nox’s bed in our bedroom so she wouldn’t be upset about the slides being in. She was happy to sleep in the same room as us. I did wake up briefly to her snoring.

15 thoughts on “From Alamogordo, NM to Sand Springs, TX

  1. Julia,

    If thaat had been me, I would have been pretty nervous going under a bridge with only 3 inch clearance!!! Thanks for the travelogue.

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  2. That is reassuring that the GPS knew which bridge was OK to go under. I was just thinking that you must be spending a lot more on gas than you had budgeted for. Ugg. But at least you do not have a mortgage payment and other costs associated with home ownership.

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