Picking Up the New Tire

May 5, 2022

On Monday (May 2), Bruce called to check on the tire. They had it ready and they asked us to pick it up between 2:30 and 3:00 pm.

We decided to have a late lunch while the shop put on the new tire.

We dropped the truck off and walked to Simmons’ BBQ. Google claimed it was a dine in restaurant. It was a take out restaurant with a couple of picnic tables in the sun. It smelled wonderful, but we didn’t want to sit out in the hot sunshine while we ate our food.

We discussed our options and decided to go back to the tire shop and wait since it was hot. I ordered a Sprit to sip on as we walked back to the tire shop.

The tire shop was fairly quick. They put the tire back of the truck and the spare underneath.

Bruce asked me about lunch and I suggested that we pick up BBQ at Simmons’ BBQ and eat it at home. Bruce drove the truck over to Simmons’ BBQ and we ordered our food.

Bruce ordered ribs and I ordered a pork sandwich. I also got coleslaw and potato salad. Bruce got the potato salad as well along with the BBQ beans.

When we got back for the RV, Nox was was happy to see us. She was very interested in the great smelling BBQ. I could tell that she was more interested in the BBQ than us.

Bruce said the ribs were delicious, just a little dry. The pork sandwich was delicious. The potato salad was more like a loaded baked potato with bacon bits and sour cream. The coleslaw was very different. I have never had anything like it before. It was similar to sauerkraut, but not as sour with some sweet. Since it wasn’t what I was expecting, I had to take several bites to decide if I liked it. I decided I did like it and ate it up.

Justifying Nox’s hopes, Bruce gave Nox a tiny piece of rib meat. We try not to give Nox much people food as we know that can make her fat. We will give her a piece of meat about the size of a pea or smaller once in a while.

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