Picking Up the New Tire

May 5, 2022 On Monday (May 2), Bruce called to check on the tire. They had it ready and they asked us to pick it up between 2:30 and 3:00 pm. We decided to have a late lunch while the shop put on the new tire. We dropped the truck off and walked to Simmons’ […]

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What?! Another Flat?!

April 26, 2022 On Friday, April 22, we planned to go to Bucks Pocket State Park. We decided to take Nox with us for the hike. Nox was super excited about going. She wanted to get to the truck so she could go with us. We were all set, we had Nox’s walking harnesses and […]

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Not All Fun Times

April 7, 2022 We aren’t always doing fun things. Yesterday, Bruce took the truck to get the oil changed, fuel filter changed, oil filter changed, etc. While Bruce was handling the truck stuff, I finished entering the numbers for our taxes. To get the final numbers, I had to call to find out how to […]

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Winter Is Here!

March 14, 2021 This morning when I got up, there was about a foot of snow and a light snow falling. Just around 11:00 am, I noticed the snow had really started coming down again. Here are pictures of Nox this morning. The wind has blown the snow all the way under the poach to […]

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