The Motorcycle Is Back!

May 5, 2022

On Tuesday (May 3), Bruce called to check on his motorcycle. It turned out the shop had not started working on the motorcycle yet. Bruce explained that we are traveling and we’d be leaving in two weeks. (Link to dropping the motorcycle off

The motorcycle shop moved up the bike and started working on it. They changed the oil and oil filter and replaced the brake pads on both the front and rear wheels.

They called at 4:00 pm to let Bruce know the motorcycle was ready. Since the shop closes at 5:00 pm, we needed to leave right away. Nox was excited when she saw us getting ready. We decided to take her. She loves to ride with us in the truck.

Bruce drove to the motorcycle shop. He stopped outside of the shop, grabbed his motorcycle gear, and petted Nox. I got in the driver’s seat and pulled out.

Almost the first thing I saw on the road was a sign, Trucks Steep Grade 6% Speed Limit 35 Miles with the next sign being, Run Away Truck Ramp Ahead. All I could think of was, that hill didn’t seem that steep when we drove up it.

I was less nervous driving home than I was driving to the motorcycle shop, even though the turns and twists are downhill going back to the RV park. I felt more use to the truck and I was more comfortable driving it.

I got parked at the RV and was letting Nox out of the backseat when Bruce rode up. This was the first time I had backed up the truck.

Bruce was pleased with the new brake pads on the bike. He is very happy to have his bike back.

4 thoughts on “The Motorcycle Is Back!

  1. Well, somehow I missed that the bike was in the shop – I guess that meant that you not only had a truck with no spare, but no secondary means of transport! Glad is all back, and in order – that must be a relief.

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    1. Yes, it is! It was nerve racking to go places in the truck knowing we didn’t have a spare. Normally, it wouldn’t have bothered me so much, but with 2 flats in less than a month, it did bother me.

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