Another Visit to Lake Guntersville State Park

April 29, 2022

With the weather so lovely, we decided to take Nox out for a hike a Lake Guntersville State Park.

I had wanted to hike the Cascade Trail, hoping it would be lovely. We parked at a trail head and we walked along the road to get to the the Cascade Trail. Nox started limping, so Bruce put her in the backpack I was wearing. Nox was delighted to be carried.

When we got to the trailhead, it did not say Cascade Trail. Instead, the signs pointed to a different trail. I thought maybe the trail went to the Cascade Trail.

We walked down the trail a short ways and pleasantly, there were several signs. We realized we we were going the wrong way.

We needed to head to the waterfall. We turned around and crossed the road, continuing on the trail to the Cascade Trail.

Along the way, I saw a baby snake. This time I got a picture and Bruce got to see the snake. You can see how tiny it is, based on the sweet gum ball and the long leaf pine needles.

After a bit, Bruce suggested that Nox try to walk instead of being carried. She was happy to get out of her backpack and walk next to Bruce.

Our trail became the Cascade Trail and the Waterfall Trail. We decided to hike to the waterfall. I was rather disappointed with the Cascade Trail, since it didn’t really have what I would call cascades on it. It did follow a creek.

The waterfall wasn’t much. I wondered if it was more impressive at other times of the year. The Old Still Trail joined with the Waterfall Trail.

Bruce and I decided to hike up to the Lodge since the Golf Course Trail Looped joined with the Waterfall Trail. We stopped in the Lodge to refill our water bottle and to use the restrooms.

We hiked back to the Waterfall Trail on the Nature Loop Trail.

Notice at the top of the mountain, the Waterfall trail is Dry Falls Trail instead of Waterfalls Trail.

We did had to keep an eye for poison oak and ivy along the trails.

Poison Oak! This picture makes me itch!

As we headed back to the truck on the Waterfall Trail, I noticed dogwood petals littering the ground.

There were no flowers left on the dogwood tree. I saw blackberry blooms.

I am not sure what these beautiful yellow gold flowers are, growing in among the wild grapes.

Nox was happy to get back to the truck, get harnessed in, and get back home. She stretched out on the back seat and dozed off. She was happy to get inside and get a treat in her ball.

3 thoughts on “Another Visit to Lake Guntersville State Park

  1. Thanks Julie for the tour of the trails. Sorry to hear of the tire problem, but you two handled it well! You’re getting in a lot of hiking – great exercise.

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