What Was in the Woods?

April 29, 2022

Bruce took Nox out for her last walk tonight. Nox was very excited by some noises she heard in the woods.

Bruce heard a branch breaking and then in the light from the flashlight, he saw two possums race out of the woods and climb another tree along the edge of the field.

It occurred to Bruce the branch breaking was to loud for the possums to have broken it and that they were running from something.

He also realized that his flashlight was starting to die when he tried to shine it into the woods to see what might be in the woods.

Deciding that being inside was the smarter choice, Bruce convinced Nox that she needed to go inside and that attacking whatever was in the woods was not a good idea.

Was it a bobcat or a bear? Was it something else? It certainly scared the possums, what ever it was.

The Woods Behind the RV

16 thoughts on “What Was in the Woods?

    1. Yea, indeed! If we hadn’t seen a bear in Georgia, I don’t think I would’ve considered a bear. I haven’t seen any warning signs about bears here, so I don’t think it was a bear.


      1. We have to learn where the grocery stores are, the tire stores, the truck shop, etc. In the grocery store, we have to figure out where they keep things. The fun part is trying new restaurants and hiking trails, seeing new scenery.


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