Bucks Pocket State Park in Alabama

April 28, 2022

Here is the post for Bucks Pocket State Park that I mentioned I was going to write in my previous post.

After we dropped our tire off to have it replaced, Bruce drove us to Bucks Pocket State Park. It is past the Lake Guntersville State Park and just a few miles from where we are RVing.

The park is located on small back roads. When we got there, signs directed us to an overlook and the office.

We decided to go to the overlook. The road is narrow and we started wondering if we were going the wrong way.

At the end of the narrow road is a picnic area with a sign for the overlook.

There was a boardwalk along the overlook.

The boardwalk was not in the best of shape. There were some broken boards here and there. I found that to be a bit unnerving.

The views were spectacular and worth the unnerving boardwalk.

We walked back and Bruce carried Nox down the steps on the boardwalk. She seems to slip more when going down a lot of steps.

Here are some views from the picnic area.

There was also a hiking trail from the overlook to the campground in the park. The hike would have been steep and it just didn’t seem like a great idea to take Nox on that steep of a trail.

We planned to stop by the office at the park, but missed the turn off. We did cross the river at the bottom of the gorge. It was beautiful, with rapids tumbling over rocks and boulders.

The road out of the park was narrow, with trees forming a tunnel over the road. Bruce decided he wanted to go back to the RV using a different route.

Nox was happy to go to sleep in the back seat as Bruce drove home.

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