Walking Around Red Oaks RV Resort in Bushnell, FL

February 11, 2022

Last night we couldn’t see much of the park in the dark. We did get a bit of a tour when we came in pulling the RV.

This morning, we took Nox for a walk. I stopped at the FaBooLus Hair salon and made an appointment for Tuesday. Bruce waited outside with Nox.

We walked by a large Class A being driven by a very cute dog. If I didn’t know better, I would think Max from Within the K Streets came to visit Nox!

I saw this airboat. It made me think of the show, “Flipper”.

As we walked back towards the rig, Nox just sat down. She didn’t want to walk anymore. We asked her if she wanted a pickup. Her answer was yes. She went to me and stood on her back legs. I picked her up an carried her back to the rig. I wish I had brought her backpack.

Bruce and I left Nox in the rig and walked around the park some more. Everyone is very friendly, waving and saying hi.

We walked around a pond. We saw birds, fish, and a turtle. The park has beautiful oak trees with Spanish Moss.

As we started heading back to the rig, we saw a Blue Bird!

When we got back to the RV, Nox was happy to see us and wanted to sit in my lap.

14 thoughts on “Walking Around Red Oaks RV Resort in Bushnell, FL

  1. You are inching closer to my neck of the woods. You should plan a day to see the manatees while the water temperature is still cool. Look at Blue Springs, Three Sisters, or Homosassa Springs. If you like flea markets, check out Florida’s largest in Webster. It is every Monday. I think you are probably less than an hour away from any of those locations. Have fun.

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    1. Thank you for the info! I don’t know that we’ll get a chance this winter. We’ve promised my Father-in-Law that we’ll stop by and see him after we get our domicile established in Florida.


  2. This post brings back memories. We were in Florida in January and February of 2015, doing the tourist thing and buying and selling at shows and flea markets. (Grampa is right about Webster. We set up there several times that year.) If you want, you can find our post on our blog in the February 2015 archives.

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    1. Miss Nox was very disappointed when I told her that the cute driver of the enormous Class A wasn’t Max. I won’t tell her that maybe he switched places and ‘borrowed’ someone’s rig.

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    1. This is it for now. We will stay here until we get our domicile established and then, we will be chasing 70 F. Our next stop after getting our domicile established is to head to one of the RV parks near Brunswick, GA and see Bruce’s dad. We are looking forward to showing our rig to him. We plan to stay awhile in the Brunswick area and see what kind of chores he needs us to do.

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