Another Move

February 10, 2022

We had to check out by 11 am from the Paradise Oaks RV Resort. We moved to a nearby park, Red Oaks RV Resort and we have a spot for two weeks. It appears we can extend our stay here if we need to.

This morning, before we left Paradise Oaks, I saw this fun golf cart.

After we were buttoned up, that is everything was ready to move out, one of the other guests stopped by. He had wanted a tour of the rig, but understood that we were ready to go.

Bruce showed him the garage and the independent suspension on the rig while I walked Nox.

We left right before 11 am and drove the short distance to new resort.

The sign pointing to the office was miss leading and we turned down a road. The people at the corner were so helpful. The husband drove Bruce to the office in his golf cart. The wife came over and talked to me while we waited for our husbands to make it back.

Bruce rode back with one of the resort’s employees in her golf cart.

She had us follow her. She was great at getting us around the resort. The roads were okay, until we got to our road. There was a stop sign on one side and a yield sign on the other side of the road. There was also a mailbox across the road.

I jumped out of the truck and made sure Bruce didn’t hit the yield sign. He had to back the truck up and cut it over to avoid the yield sign. He missed the stop sign by inches and the mailbox by several feet. It was an incredibly tight squeeze.

Bruce made it with no damage to the rig. He pulled the rig into the spot. He had to do some maneuvering to get the rig lined up on the pad.

The resort employee helped with the maneuvering onto the pad. Once we were set, we thanked her and she headed back to help others.

We got the rig set up and walked to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Once we got back to the rig, I took a nap with Nox. Bruce joined us at some point, but he didn’t nap as long as us.

I woke up at sunset. Nox woke as well and needed to go for a walk.

I took some pictures of the rig and the sunset while we headed to the dog play area.

Nox was tired when we got back to the RV and rested on my lap while I wrote the previous post.

While I was writing this post, she decided she was ready to play. She put Kong on end three times and got a treat. She then proceeded to eat most of her dog food.

Kong Is on End!

6 thoughts on “Another Move

    1. If the Rv park is set up correctly, then we don’t have any problems. The parks are mostly set up for smaller rigs. When we are moving, I wish for better designed parks.


      1. We are set up for boondockig, but we are having problems with our inverter. We are hoping it is just a fuse. We also have a very powerful propane generator.


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