Lovely Weekend

February 7, 2022

We had sunny skies this weekend and while the temperature didn’t get out of the 50’s F, with a jacket, the weather was lovely for walking.

The Dry Creek Water Park has several trails for walking. They even have a trail for mountain biking. Bruce laughed at the mountain bike trail. He did some mountain biking in Colorado, up some mountain sides.

On Saturday, I made dinner for my middle sister and her husband and my youngest sister and her husband stopped by. With my sisters and their husbands, we walked down by the lake, through the woods on a trail, over the dam, and back to the RV campsites.

Sunday morning, Bruce and I were lazy. In the afternoon, we started going through our check lists to get the RV ready to move out on Monday.

Sunday night, Bruce took Nox for her nightly walk and he started walking down one of the woodlands trails. Nox did not approve. She kept trying to convince Bruce to turn around and go back. Since Nox was not having a good walk, Bruce turned around and walked her along the road. Nox was happy and could then make her stops.

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