Wet Travel Day

February 6, 2022

When we left the Delhi RV Park, it was pouring cold rain. The temperature was just above freezing as we broke camp. My jeans were soaked through, Bruce’s jeans were soaked through, and Nox’s fur was soaked through. Nox had to go for a walk and she did not enjoy the almost freezing rain. Nox loves snow and she would’ve rather walked in snow.

I did my best to dry Nox off and I wrapped her in a towel to keep warm. Nox snuggled down into her towel in the backseat of the truck.

Once we were ready to go, we turned the truck heat up as high as it would go. As we finished our drive through Louisiana, the rain would be very heavy for a while, then it would lighten up.

We crossed the Mississippi River and you can see from the pictures that the rain had lightened up.

The rain turned more into a drizzle by the time we were almost to our turn off to Hwy 49. The rain had stopped by completely as we headed south on Hwy 49.

When we got to Dry Creek Water Park, there wasn’t anyone in the office, but there was an honor box. We decided to get settled and then come back to drop off the money.

Bruce drove around one loop and it was all back ins. The bigger back ins were taken. We were wondering if there was any place to park, when the campground manager drove up. She drove us over to the second campground. It has fewer sites, but they are large with full hookups. Several of the sites are pull throughs.

We got the basics done (RV level, truck unhitched, slides out) and Bruce went to pay. I got Nox out of the truck and took her for a quick walk. I then set up the inside of the RV.

I realized I didn’t have any cell service while Bruce was on the phone with his dad. I decided that Nox needed a longer walk, so I walked her to the lake. Nox and I also walked along one of the nature trails. It was a beautiful walk in the winter woods. There were puddles all around the park, so I could tell it had been raining.

Once Bruce was finished talking to his dad, I borrowed his phone to call my sisters to let them know we were safely at the campground and to see about meeting up with them.

My youngest sister stopped by around 3 to 4 o’clock. She is an EMT and there was a wreck on the road we came in on. A log truck had turned over and split logs over the road. She was worried about us and since I didn’t have cell coverage, I didn’t get her messages. I had left the message that we had made it in on her home phone, so she hadn’t received it.

She drove up and decided the RV had to be us with the Colorado plates and she knocked. This caused Nox to start barking her head off.

My sister came in and Nox decided my sister was OK and even nice. Nox wanted petting by my sister.

We gave my sister the tour. While my sister was here, my other sister called my youngest sister and said she had gotten a call from me. My youngest sister handed her phone to me so I could talk to my other sister. We arranged a get together on Saturday.

My youngest sister’s husband stopped by and he got a tour of the RV and the truck. We hung out talking and catching up.

My sister dragged her husband off so they could get something to eat. He is on a diet to loose weight and my sister is helping him stick to it.

Towards the end of the day, we took Nox for a walk around the woods. Nox did sniff a fire ant mound but Bruce pulled her away before the ants came out to bite. I think it was too cold for the ants.

It poured rain Thursday night and there was a bit of lightning. We lost power for a bit, but it was quickly restored.

On Friday, there were icicles hanging from the corners of the RV.

8 thoughts on “Wet Travel Day

  1. That period when rain is just on the verge of changing into snow or ice is really dangerous as I’m sure you know already. Good thing you hunkered down. Sounds like there is no shortage of sisters around there. Bruce must have felt outnumbered whilst Miss Nox wallowed in all the attention and affection.

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