Party Animal

June 5, 2022 I realized I didn’t post a lot while we were in Golden, Colorado. I had plans with friends and family most days while we were in Golden. It was wonderful to catch up with friends and my daughter. I meet people for lunch and dinner. Some of my friends even cooked dinner […]

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Fireflies and Stargazing

May 4, 2022 Last week, I thought it would be fun to walk down to the pier and stargaze. From the end of the pier, the view over Lake Guntersville provides a wide open space to see the sky. As we walked down to the water, we saw fireflies flashing alongside the road and then […]

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Septic System Sorta Recovered

March 25, 2022 We had several sunny days and the septic system at the KOA seems to have recovered. Thankfully, we no longer have the stench from The Bog of Eternal Stench. Yesterday, we had rain most of the day. The lake came back partway through the day. The park once again set up a […]

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And I Am Now Florida Woman!

March 2, 2022 It turns out Florida will let you use your passport, even if it has expired, to get your driver’s license. It can’t be expired more than five years. Luckily, my passport had expired in 2020, so I could use it to prove who I am. So, I didn’t need to bring my […]

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Wet Travel Day

February 6, 2022 When we left the Delhi RV Park, it was pouring cold rain. The temperature was just above freezing as we broke camp. My jeans were soaked through, Bruce’s jeans were soaked through, and Nox’s fur was soaked through. Nox had to go for a walk and she did not enjoy the almost […]

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We Have Cold Water!

January 7, 2022 When I was getting ready for bed, the RV didn’t have cold running water. A few minutes later, Bruce started getting ready for bed and he tried the cold water. It started out as a trickle, then it ran normally. His delighted shout could be heard throughout the RV. He checked the […]

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