Westerly Creek Park

August 29, 2021 Today, we headed over to Westerly Creek Park in the Central Park neighborhood. It is about 4 miles from the Denver Meadows RV park. This park has mostly wide concrete paths that are in good shape. There are some ponds, as well as Westerly Creek. We took Nox with us. She enjoyed […]

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Weekend Explorations

August 23, 2021 This weekend, Bruce and I meet Jeanne from a ajeanneinthekitchen.com and her husband Larry at InVINtions, a Creative Winery Club in Greenwood Village https://www.invintionswinery.com/. We went as their guest. Jeanne brought a beautiful charcuterie board that she had put together. Bruce and Larry enjoyed sampling wine, while Jeanne had a couple of […]

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Nox’s New RV Bed

August 12, 2021 We have been using the large Kong bed for Nox at the RV. The large bed worked really well in the house when we had two dogs, but now that Luna is gone, the need for a large bed is also gone. The large bed takes up a significant amount of floor […]

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Replacing Cabinet Handles in RV

August 11, 2021 While I really liked the look of the cabinet handles that came with the RV, they have two major problems. The handles stick out enough to cause all sorts of mischief. The ends of these cabinet pulls catch on sleeves, pockets, belt loops, and even shoe laces, jerking us to an unexpected […]

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Bluff Lake Park

August 8, 2021 We went to Bluff Lake Park today in Aurora, CO. It is a wildlife refuge and dogs and horses are not allowed in the park. Bicycles are not allowed either. People on foot are allowed to walk on the trails, but are not allowed off the trails. They have many different species […]

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