Weekend Explorations

August 23, 2021

This weekend, Bruce and I meet Jeanne from a ajeanneinthekitchen.com and her husband Larry at InVINtions, a Creative Winery Club in Greenwood Village https://www.invintionswinery.com/. We went as their guest. Jeanne brought a beautiful charcuterie board that she had put together. Bruce and Larry enjoyed sampling wine, while Jeanne had a couple of glass of wine. Everyone enjoyed the charcuterie board Jeanne created. The end result was Bruce buying a bottle of wine and couple of bottles of a dessert port.

Since Bruce was tasting wines (exploring different wines), I drove Cliff the Big Red truck for the second time and the first time since we bought him. I drove him back to the RV with Jeanne and Larry following us.

We gave Jeanne and Larry the tour of the RV. At this point, I’m pretty sure Bruce has his tour memorized. We enjoyed sitting in the air conditioned RV and talking.

Before we left to meet Jeanne and Larry, I put two strip steaks in a container to marinate and a sliced onion into a different container to marinate. I also made guacamole. This allowed me to be ready to make a quick dinner for our guest.

When it was time for dinner, Bruce set up our new grill. Jeanne and I put the table cloth on the picnic table. I grilled the steaks and cooked the onions on the gridle part of the grill with the roasted poblano peppers. Jeanne took some pictures and you can see them on her blog here https://ajeanneinthekitchen.com/2021/08/23/guest-chef-julia-is-cooking-in-her-new-home/. I heated up flour tortillas on the grill while the steak rested. I sliced the steaks and we were ready to eat.

We ate the fajitas outside on the picnic table. We had just finished eating when it started to rain. We grabbed everything up and ran inside. We ate the peaches I had for dessert while sitting in the living room, listening to the rain.

Jeanne and Larry stayed a bit longer, but had to leave to get back to take care of their dogs.

On Sunday, we decided to explore more of the Aurora park system. We drove to the Environmental Park and then past it, as there didn’t seem to be any parking. Once past the park, we noticed Coal Creek Arena, just off E 6th Ave. We parked there and walked over to Environmental Park. The area right around Coal Creek Arena is very pretty and is set up for picnics.

We walked over to the Environmental Park and found there wasn’t much to see and the path next to the creek was overgrown. Nox kept getting caught on the knee high weeds. We turned around when we reached a section of the trail that was badly overgrown.

We stopped at the Colorado Freedom Memorial https://coloradofreedommemorial.com/ and walked around. Part of the memorial is being renovated .

We then drove to Star K Ranch Park and walked the main loop. Nox was tired wanted to sit in the shade for a bit. We sat under the pavilion in the shade and gave her water. When she seemed ready to go, we continued our walk. Toward the end of the walk, she asked to be carried, so Bruce picked her up and carried her to the truck.

We drove back to the RV and Nox was worn out.

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