Guest Chef Julia Is Cooking In Her New Home

Bruce and I really enjoyed having Jeanne and Larry over for dinner. I am just glad we had finished eating before the rain started.

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

We got together with our friends Julia and Bruce over the weekend. As you might recall, Julia and I met through the world of blogging and since have become very good friends. We have a lot in common and truly enjoy each other’s company. Julia’s blog is If you haven’t “met” Julia yet, you should stop by and say hi. Julia is a fabulous cook as well and there is always something scrumptious cooking in her kitchen. You will love what’s cooking in Julia’s kitchen too.

We started the day off with some wine tasting and officially introduced Bruce and Julia to our favorite local winery, InVINtionsVideo #17 – INVINtions, A Creative Winery, though they have enjoyed many a bottle of their wines with us at our house already. After wine tasting, we headed back their new “home”. Bruce and Julia have decided to hit the road…

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