The Beginning of the Snowpocalypse

March 13, 2021

To prepare the RV for the up coming snowpocalypse, Bruce check to see what was recommended. It was mostly recommend to bring the slides in, if you thought you might have to leave, but otherwise it is fine to leave them out. Since we are hoping to get our VIN inspected on Wednesday, we thought it would be best to bring in the slides.

I packed up a couple of boxes. I thought it would be nice to start to figure out a coffee and tea station. I went through my teas and the ones I had spares, I put in the box. I drink a lot of organic caffeine free teas. I put a canister of decaf coffee in the box, along with the Aeropress with the filters. I also brought over four mugs. I also packed up a couple of cutting boards. I am still thinking about knives, as I want to leave my knives at the house until I am ready to move more into the RV.

I also packed up bandaids, a bottle of aspirin, along with a box of Kleenex(TM).

I put the boxes in the truck, while Bruce looked up what to do with slides in a blizzard. We decided to be safe and bring the slides in. I put Nox in the truck and Bruce put a snow shovel in the truck bed.

We were getting some rain and ice pellets, as Bruce drove us over to the RV. Once we got to the RV, I brought in the two boxes. We did a quick look around, and Bruce grabbed our Kindles from the shelf behind the bed. I moved the dog food and water to the kitchen. I picked up the dog bed and put it on the theater seating. Nox wanted on her bed, so I picked her up and put her on the dog bed.

Bruce said, “She’s not going to like that when the slide comes in.”

I watched the bedroom slide come in, then the kitchen slides. When we went to bring in the living room slides, I realized we needed to put the strap back around the TV. We got it strapped in and pushed back against the wall. As Bruce started the drivers side in, Nox decided she did not like it, and jumped down from her bed and ran to me. I was watching to make sure the slide didn’t catch on the TV. I held Nox while the other living room slide was brought in.

Bruce turned out the lights and turned off the furnace. I carried Nox to the truck and hooked her in.

After we got home, Bruce looked out the window and said, “It’s snowing!” I grabbed my phone to take some pictures and Nox came with me.

3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the Snowpocalypse

  1. I can hear Miss Nox, ” The walls…the walls …they’re closing in on me ” 😃🐕 I assume you’ll be on shore power during the snowmageddon and you’re winterized so you should be in good shape. Stay safe!

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