We Glamped in Our RV Last Night

March 12, 2021

Last night, after dinner, we headed over to our RV. The mattress pad, the lube plate for the hitch and the sewer hose seal had arrived for the RV. We took them over and brought enough clothes to stay in the RV overnight.

We brought Nox along with us. After we put the clothes in the bedroom, we took Nox for a walk. She was happy to go for a walk along the trail, even if it was dark. There were lots of things for her to smell.

When we got back to the RV, I put away the kitchen items that I had brought over earlier. I unpacked the bird and insect identification books. We are going to have to find an easy way to carry our DVDs.

We tried out the ginormous TV and the theater seating. It is an experience! I checked out watching the TV from the bar in the kitchen and the TV was still very easy to see.

We did not bring Nox’s crate, but she seemed to do okay sleeping on her spare bed in the middle of the living room.

Nox was delighted to see us this morning. Bruce and I got dressed quickly so we could get to the bathrooms. (I am really glad our spot isn’t far from the bathrooms as our RV remains winterized.)

The RV steps had a light amount of snow and ice on them and were a bit slippery. I was careful as I used them. I headed right over to the bathroom and when I came out, Bruce had Nox on a leash waiting for me. I took Nox for a quick walk and head back to the RV.

I started gathering what I wanted to take back home, the trash and empty boxes. Bruce came in and grabbed the clothes and off we went to the truck with Nox, who was very excited to get into the truck.

On the short drive to the house, Bruce told me, “That was camping, well, really glamping.”

6 thoughts on “We Glamped in Our RV Last Night

    1. Thanks! It was fun. I am really looking forward to our new sheets getting here. We have tucked in a flat queen sheet as a temporary fitted sheet, but it comes undone. We are still finding stuff we need.


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