Nox Looks into the RV

March 4, 2021

Once we got home, after checking the rig was in a good spot, Bruce went inside and got Nox. Nox was so excited to see us. She was whining with excitement and her entire body wiggled as her tail wagged.

Bruce wanted to show Nox what is going to be her new home. He had to encourage her to climb up the stairs to take a look in the RV. She doesn’t like the RV steps.

14 thoughts on “Nox Looks into the RV

  1. We upgraded our steps pretty quickly. The original ones were too narrow, too shallow, and not suitable for me or our dogs. The new ones are a piece of cake! We let our dogs and cats meet the camper in small groups for 15 minutes or an hour at a time, depending on what was going on. That way, when they were staying in it the first time, it wouldn’t be so scary. It was great! They are big fans of the electric fireplace and the recliners with the seat heaters!

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      1. You obviously got better stairs than we did in your original model! We had some very deep wooden stairs for years that my husband would store on the road and then put in place. The dogs loved those! We had carpet treads on them so that they could get traction. I liked them, too. But they became too heavy to deal with for him, so we upgraded the stairs. It could be that by then, the few years of the trailer and the wooden stairs had trained our dogs to accept the trailer stairs.

        Step covers do sound like a good idea. The metal gets too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and little traction. Good luck with figuring out what is right for you and Nox!

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